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The international specialist in car windows, Carglass, has opened the biggest car window warehouse in the world in Bilzen (Belgium), an investment of € 35 million.

A few years ago Carglass decided to combine its five warehouses in Limburg in one new warehouse. Its location close to the Albert Canal is no coincidence. “Just now the first container with car windows has arrived. In the future we want to supply about 300 to 500 containers of car windows by ship,” says Supply Chain Director Tim Berx.

The new building is the result of an investment of over € 35 million. It offers 42.000 square meters of space, which means it’s the biggest car window warehouse in the world.

About 5.000 to 6.000 car windows a day are shipped from Bilzen to 900 different destinations. “On a yearly basis we are talking about 1.2 million car windows and 22 million additional supplies. “300.000 windows are permanently in stock.” The new Carglass distribution center offers jobs to 250 people.

Source: (Dutch)