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Pharma Distri Center, a co-operative Belgian player in pharmaceutical products, is going to invest € 45 million in a brand new and hyper modern distribution center in Tessenderlo (Belgium).

Pharma Distri Center (PDC) is a sister company of Febelco, the company which delivers pharmaceuticals to 3.000 pharmacies in Belgium. PDC manages the supplies of lots of big pharmaceutical companies and delivers these to customers in the Benelux, Germany and a part of France. “We already have warehouses in Sint-Niklaas (for 30.000 palettes), Heusden-Zolder (20.000 palettes), and a smaller distribution center in Bornem (5.000 palettes). With room for 45.000 palettes, Tessenderlo will be the largest warehouse by far,” says Filip Cuypers, CEO of Pharma Distri Center. “This investment is necessary because our activities keep on growing. We commit to service our customers within 24 hours. We picked Tessenderlo because an expert (by Prologis) study pointed to this location as the hotspot for logistics.”

PDC invests € 45 million in total (this includes the plot of land of 10 hectares). The building itself will use up about 3,5 hectares of space (the size of approximately 7 soccer fields), and be 15 meters in height, except for one ‘high bay’ of 36 meters. “The building will be equipped with hyper modern gear to manage the 86.000 boxes with specific references, and will offer jobs to about 50 people in two shifts. The distribution center is expected to be fully functional in the third quarter of 2020.

At the moment, PDC has about 120 employees, and has achieved a turnover of € 61 million in 2017. In 2014, Febelco and PDC already invested € 32 million in warehouses for both companies in Heusden-Zolder.

Source: (Dutch).