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Why Limburg?

Unique geolocation

Unique geolocation

Smart Port Limburg (B) is a prime European logistics hotspot and is reinforcing this position every day. Limburg has a unique geolocation in the East of Belgium, which is bordering with Germany, France and The Netherlands.
The logistics hotspot Limburg lies in the catchment area of the two biggest European seaports; Antwerp and Rotterdam. The inland flows of goods are supported by the world's most dense road, rail and inland waterway networks which are equiped with state-of-the art rail and barge terminals allowing an efficient and congestion-free oncarriage in the region of Limburg. Several international airports are located in the close proximity of Limburg.

The dynamic region of Limburg is an ideal location for European distribution because of:

Limburg has an active logistics ecosystem, called Smart Port Limburg, based on the triple helix model with companies, knowledge centers and governments. Smart Port Limburg analyses, initiates or facilitates the key elements that are necessary to attract and to anchor logistics activities with high added value.

The regional development agency POM Limburg carries out the economic leverage projects and strategic actions that have an impact on the logistics DNA of Limburg.

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